Friday, September 18, 2009

wondering where I've been?

HERE... My friend Kira and I that I always tell you about.. we started our own company! That's right, we are the face of our new greeting card business, 'Yours Truly, Kira & Kate'. We design and create 100& handmade greeting cards for all occasions. You know I'm a crafter :), and one day we just decided to start making them for fun... and voila our company was born. We just started out at the end of August, but already we've been getting a lot of orders in for personalized cards and we just put up our first sale on Etsy!

I've been so busy with that, just trying to promote the company is hard enough. I've started at school full time again and I've picked up another day at work! So chances are you won't be seeing alot of me :( I promise that I will try not to go another month without checking in!
And since I always posted pictures of my crafts...
See ya for now!