Friday, September 18, 2009

wondering where I've been?

HERE... My friend Kira and I that I always tell you about.. we started our own company! That's right, we are the face of our new greeting card business, 'Yours Truly, Kira & Kate'. We design and create 100& handmade greeting cards for all occasions. You know I'm a crafter :), and one day we just decided to start making them for fun... and voila our company was born. We just started out at the end of August, but already we've been getting a lot of orders in for personalized cards and we just put up our first sale on Etsy!

I've been so busy with that, just trying to promote the company is hard enough. I've started at school full time again and I've picked up another day at work! So chances are you won't be seeing alot of me :( I promise that I will try not to go another month without checking in!
And since I always posted pictures of my crafts...
See ya for now!

Monday, August 17, 2009

rethink history...

First off, sorry bloggies for my inexcusably long absence! I've really just been trying to enjoy the rest of my summer spending as much time away from the house/computer/internet as possible. I figured separating myself from the blog for a few days would help :)

What have I been up to lately? Not too much, spending time with my puppers,
Getting a super fun new haircut with my bestie!
Spending lots of time jogging with the puppers with my new kicks...
and the new toy I raved about here.
Running is a breeze with this baby! I am slightly addicted, which I think is a great thing because it's got me running more miles a week than normal!

I've dove into an AMAZING book...
...almost done, but I want it to last so badly I've been taking my time :) If you haven't read it yet, you must, trust me.

And now, for vacation I spent the day reliving history. I am in Williamsburg, VA for a few days. Today we spent travelling through history in downtown Colonial Williamsburg.

A horse at the first plantation we visited totally tried to feel me up. I forgave him :) He did start licking my arm however and actually bit me. His teeth are really odd like two pieces of wood so it just felt like something was clamping down on my arm :D
After there we headed to the Governor's Palace which was about a 30 minute tour with an awesome tour guide who practically told us everything about the building, including where the floorboards came from!
Here's your personal picture tour of the place...
I love the crazy funky colors they used back then! We're talking late 1700's here, and the dining room is lime green and the ballroom is an aqua blue.. the tour guide said that was super common back then. After this tour we searched for somewhere to eat for about an hour (..and about 2 miles of walking in 90+ degrees heat) and gave up on the town for the day. Hungry Kate is NOT a happy camper :) We shall return on Wednesday, tomorrow we're headed to Busch Gardens!!

Hope all of you have been amazing! Enjoy the rest of you Monday!

Monday, August 10, 2009

home sweet home :)

Great news folks. After hunting for what feels like forever and being tired of with living with my mother :) Love you Mom! ... I think we finally found something!
It needs a little shaping up, and we haven't officially signed anything yet; but the owners are going to make repairs and fix it up for the rest of August and we'll move the beginning of September! I love that it's an older house and is very unique. The set up is odd, the rooms have those awesome diagonal ceilings and lots of windows. It has a lot of character and I'm really excited to share some of my life in it! Ahh Relief. I couldn't imagine starting a semester of college still looking for somewhere to live!! And I know what you're thinking, she's going to love having a whole house to decorate ;)

Today is an absolute scorcher, being outside in the 100 degree weather is not my fave but that didn't stop us from heading to Cross Street Market in the city for some half off Sushi :) Me and the madre headed to a few thrift stores looking for good reads. And here I am back in the AC blogging and catching up on yours! Hope everyone else Monday is going great!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

time flies!

I cannot believe how much time I have let fly by since I've posted. I feel like I keep saying that really, but wow! Work has been nuts lately... Keeping me from my crafting, and bloggy world. :( Someone was let go mid-week and I was called in to pick up a shift .. or two. So instead of my measly 24 hours or so a week I'm pretty sure I clocked in 2 extra shifts. Nice for my wallet, not so nice for my social life :) Well I just got off again, and have the rest of the day to hit the gym, and apartment hunt with my bunny!
Have a great weekend all!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

busy days away and my new bff

I've been MIA for a few days now.. wait wait, I can explain :) Thomas and I are headed to Williamsburg, VA for a 4 days coming up and I've been tying the last few loose ends of the vacay! Don't worry it's not for another 10 days or so, I'm not leaving you so soon. The last few days, besides planning have been pretty relaxing. I haven't been crafting as much since my partner in crime is away again :) but I have been busy. Thomas bought me a new toy....
For any of my fellow iphoners/ipod owners out there, let me introduce you to my new best friend, The Nike+. This little baby is every runners dream. It is a non complicated way to track distance, time, pace, calories burned, and when syncing to your computer it even shows you the path you ran. All you have to have is an iPod Nano, or iTouch/iPhone the little orange device up top is sold seperately for 19$ (we didn't know that and bought the combo package with iPod hook up, for the Nano) The little orange and white thingy goes into the sole of your Nike shoes (too bad I have Addidas we still have to perform surgery so I don't have a rock in my shoe). You pick your music playlist and press play, the timer starts going as soon as the music starts playing.
That's a photo from the app you would have on your Touch or iphone. Choose your workout and go. I was a very happy camper when Thomas said he was going to get it for me! Now, I want to run all the time! I highly suggest this little friend to anyone who loves to run or wants to get into running!
Last night was a fun one, Thomas and I did a little date night- to make up for all the time he spent working last week- he took me to dinner and we saw Funny People at the movies :) Honestly, I am a huge Adam Sandler fan and I didn't think it was that funny. I'm not very rash or vulgur and there were a lot of male genitilia jokes... if you know what I mean :/ Maybe you have to be a dude to think those were funny but it was just okay for me.
Today I shredded and walked the dog. I'm ready for a post workout snack and a nap! :)
Bye for now,

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I seem to be...

...totally in love with everything wayyyyy outta my price range :)
For instance:

This lovely shower curtain from Anthro. Somehow, I don't see myself spending 118$ on this beau. Uh, correction: I could never see myself spending half of that on a shower curtain. Call me cheap, but that is one non-justifiable purchase. And for me those are hard to come by ;)

This one- much more doable at 24.99$ as part of the Shabby Chic collection at Target. And still in my opinion super cute :)

Now these...

...might be a little harder to pass up ;)

Today's day at work/running errands with Thomas/crappy (sweaty) run and grueling Jillian workout has left me with no more juice for ya bloggies :) Night!

Friday, July 31, 2009

i promised you reviews...

So here they are :) Just wanted to share with you all some thoughts and opinions about books I've read, and some movies I've seen while I was away from my blogworld for that awfully long week! First up is a book that I personally struggled to read off and on for about 2 months. (I usually finish an average size book in a few days to a week)
The Host by Stephenie Meyer- First off let me say that I am a huge Stephenie Meyer fan. Twilight=amazing. This book should have scared me away when my boyfriend guessed that it was about aliens by the name of it. He said that aliens are referred to as hosts in a lot of video games he plays. Yeah, I should have put it back on the shelf right then and there. But because I am a huge fan and thought I would love anything she wrote after Twilight I gave it a shot. I don't want to say that it is a bad book, it's just not my style. If you're familiar with the author then you would know she has a hard time getting to a point quickly (look at the length of the Twilight books) and she has the same problem here except in this novel's case it was painful. If you like sci-fi this could be right up your alley. All in all for me it was a very hard read.

Since I rarely ever go to movie theaters to see a movie (not a fan of the obnoxious middle schoolers, and the rudeness of some people and their gum chewing) I normally just rent when I can watch them in the comfort of my own home. One of the most recent movies seen was a dud.

Knowing starring Nicholas Cage.
Again, I have to say Thomas and I are pretty fond of Nicholas Cage movies. This one was just bad. It had some pretty good ideas, for example if the entire movie was built around the list found revealing the dates of all major tragedies to happen around the world- the movie probably would have been awesome. But instead it went off on some odd tangents, leaving you to not really understand where the movie was headed, and questioning the need of some of the characters in the plot. That and the ending of the movie absolutely blew. End of story.

Beautiful Boy by David Sheff.
This book was a wonderful compilation of one family's journey through their son's harmful drug addiction. The story begins at his birth goes through his childhood and continues to present day. Sheff shares his emotions, his personal experiences with drugs and his thoughts on different types of treatments and rehabilitation centers. Having an addict in my family I highly appreciated this book, I loved the wisdom that the author shared as well as his feelings during periods of relapse. He shared both positive and negative stories about his son's addiction. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good read, but specifically for parents, children or families of addicts, addicts as well as recovering addicts. I loved also the education that I gained from this read. (For example: I'm not very drug saavy, and had no idea that meth and speed were the same thing!) After Beautiful Boy came out Nic Sheff decided to write his story of his addiction called 'Tweak'. I can't wait to read that one. If you'd like more convincing to read here's a father-son video here.
And the one movie that I ALWAYS have seen the midnight premiere for.................
Harry Potter!! This particular release was Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince or the
sixth book. My review for this one will probably be very bias, since I am and have always been a huge HP fanatic. I thought that the director captured this book perfectly. The story line is of course fantastic, the acting is amazing as always. I love that they played up the little romances and jealousies between the characters. It was surprisingly very funny while being extremely dark and adventurous at the same time. Overall I'd hate to place a favorite but I'd say I think that this one did it for me. I think there was a few more things in the book that I wish they would have dwelled on longer but that's every recreation of a novel. Overall as a fan, I was very pleased with this movie!

Well guys, this was my first time doing reviews! If you'd like more posts like this or not, just let me know! Today has been filled so far with finishing up my mail holder, after it stops raining I think I'll head out for a jog and do day 3 of Jillian's Shred :)
Have a great afternoon!