Tuesday, June 30, 2009

productive days off :)

Today Thomas is buying his new car! We've gone through many arguments with this one but overall I'm pretty happy with his decision. First he thought he wanted to get a 2009 Civic Coupe Manual. I didn't like the coupe because of the bucket back seats (making less room for passengers and for luggage since we often take long road trips), or the manual because I can't drive it :) so he compromised and has decided on the four door sedan Civic!
I'm pretty sure he's going with black, and he promised me that he's going to teach me how to drive a stick! So overall I'm finally pleased with his decision.
I'm getting ready to finish up laundry and then drive my nanny to Costco. I'll most likely hit the gym later on today or maybe go for a nice run since the weather is awesome! We leave for 4th of July vacation in 2 days :)
Hope it's sunny where you are!

Monday, June 29, 2009

projects projects projects!

I feel like I'm up to my ears in them! But I love it so who am I to complain. So sorry for not taking pictures last night, I did not end up wearing the dress it started to rain and I was not in the mood for sandly shoes and wet feet. I would have taken pictures of my yummy pasta but I left the camera in the car and was not travelling out in the rain to grab it... it was just not my night! But I did start on some really cool things projects last night I must share. First things first I bought this stain a little while ago.. (when I bought the paint that fell on my poor toes)(which are still recovering !)

Originally I bought this stain because it was 3.50$ and for my spice rack. It's called Provincial and it's really dark. So since I didn't feel like working on the spice rack :/ I know I'm a procrastinator I decided to dirty up my mirror instead. Here's my final finished product of my redone mirror! Don't mind my reflection I was trying to get the best light :) Oh and don't mind the mess in the background either.. that's just my half-packed kitchen!

So that can finally be put to rest all I did was sand a few warn marks into it with fine sand paper, and then go over certain parts with the dark stain and wipe off quickly so now it looks nice and dirty dirty.

I also started slowly becoming Martha Stewart, besides totally stalking her website lately trying to find things to do I actually started on one project! I'm modifying her rope coasters craft. You can find her version here. I didn't finish them yet but here's my progress so far...

Anyways I'm at work now and I'll be home later to spend some time with Thomas and possibly work on these again!

Hope your Mondays weren't too awful!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another lazy sunday : )

I just got off work and couldn't be more excited to relax. It has been such a long weekend! Mostly because I've been working and that always goes slowly, but I think it also has something to do with me being already excited to get out of here again! The apartment is so cluttered and disheveled! I know we're moving but I still think things should go in back in their place and Thomas just thinks that we're going to pack it soon anyway so why not just leave everything EVERYWHERE! Clothes, shoes, anything and everything is currently all over the place driving me crazy.

I started packing the kitchen and deep cleaning the kitchen. I have been trying to but that off for way too long now. I have everything out of the cabinets and ready for packing but we ran out of boxes so we'll have to wait to finish that. I'm cleaning out the refrigerator today after Thomas and I return from dinner. I'm thinking about wearing the dress that I found on clearance not to long ago! I'm pretty sure we're doing Italian and I'll post later with pictures in my dress if I wear it!
Have a great rest of the weekend!

Friday, June 26, 2009

And we're back!

Finally, after a long traffic ridden drive home Kira and I are back home, Yay back to the blog! We had oodles of fun while there, and had some relatively nice weather. Above is a snapshot of us on the end of the Bay Bridge. We went to the beach, we laid out by the pool, visited the boardwalk and partied slightly. ;) We almost saw the sunrise
...but decided it was a little too overcast and headed home!

Overall I was sad to leave but also anxious to be home with Thomas, and the apartment that needs packing. I shall be visiting the Ocean again next weekend for the 4th of July this time with him so I shouldn't miss it too much in between! Michael Jackson passing away still seems very unreal. Thomas is highly upset that the Elvis of our time has died. So it's been nothing but seeing him on TV and trying to find him on the radio since I got home :) I don't mind, however he would like to grieve is fine with me.
The roommates are moving out today seeing the apartment semi-empty makes me nervous about how far Thomas and I have until we're even close to ready to move mid-July! We'll have a lot on our plates for the next couple weeks.

Until next time,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

We're here!

We got here yesterday around noon and have been busy birds ever since. I left my laptop at home so that Thomas could play so I'm wiritng this from my iphone so bare with me :) Yesterday we went to beach after arriving around noon we stayed until it started raining. We took a nap and then got ready to go to the boardwalk! I have some pictures to upload but since I'm not really a tourist in Ocean City anymore I keep forgetting to take my camera! Well and I can't upload them from my phone. So stay tuned for pics soon! Todays been pretty crappy so far so we're not sure what we're doing next. Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

on a sadder note...

I forgot to mention in my earlier post about the train collision that took place all too close to home for me. Yesterday at rush hour on the red line of the DC metro train two trains collided head on driving on the same track. As of earlier today at least nine people are deceased and many more injured. I just ask you to keep the victims and their families in your prayers and hope that the big guy up there will look after the survivors and the ones still struggling for their lives.

You can find more information regarding the accident here.

finally 85 and sunny!

It feels like forever that we've had a real summer day around here! Finally today was beautiful enough that I was able to make it to my cousins' pool.
Hi, from the poolside :)

Unfortunately I had company with me...
And yes, underneath of those bad boys is the culprit. The paint can that caused this mess. Luckily it's actually starting to feel better. I've been icing it since last night, and there is an indefinite bruise across three toes, but luckily I don't think anything is broken and I can actually bend my toes again...slightly. I think that I might not need the crutches tomorrow, and I might even be able to go to the gym sooner than I thought!

Well tomorrow just became alot more exciting than it was. I was planning on going to the beach (Ocean City, MD) this week for a few days and Kira was headed down as well and now we're leaving a day early and staying at my grandparents! Since the next two days are going to be amazing weather we're totally syked. Can't wait to have a drink by the pool, or lounge on the beach by the waves!
I haven't decided whether I'm taking my laptop or not. We have one to share between Thomas and I and I may decide to leave it for him. So I may be posting soon, and if not I'll be back Friday with details!
Well my real housewives of new jersey reunion is about to come on! So I'm going to be watching and trying to pack as well, Have a great night all!

Monday, June 22, 2009

stupid paint can...

So, I bought a few cans of paint today discounted at Walmart and they rolled right out of the cart and on to my right foot. :( Not good. It hurt and felt okay at first until I tried to bend my toes and I can't move them. Since already know from my mom breaking her toes a few years back that they can't do anything to help it, I'm not going to bother going to the doctors for it. I don't think that I broke the toes, I just think that they are very heavily bruised. My friend Amanda lent me crutches and I'm on them now until it feels better! I'm pretty tired now but I'll post tomorrow with more info about today's events!
Good night,

Our Bonefish non-father's day dinner!

Kira and I spent our lovely father's day comforting each other, for our lack of decent father figures in our lives. :) What better way to comfort than with an awesome dinner and sweet desert! We headed to Bonefish and of course started out with Bang Bang Shrimp,

Kira got Grilled Sea Bass

and I got Grilled Mahi Mahi with spinach & crab on top

Afterward we headed next door to Coldstone for some really good ice cream I had been craving forever!
Today so far has been relaxing, Thomas and I have been lounging in the bed until he had to leave for work. I have to work today as well at three so I probably won't have time to get any fun stuff in. But I'll be sure to keep you updated anyways!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

all work and no play

This weekend so far has just been so uneventful. I worked this morning which is never really fun, especially since it begins at 7 am and I'd rather be doing a million other things! I got off and finished some laundry, cleaned the room and started packing a few things in order to get ready to move!! I didn't get very far with the packing because...

(image: Bravotv.com)
I was too busy indulging in my guilty pleasure.. the Real Housewives of New Jersey. I did feel bad too because I've already seen the episode they were airing about 3 times. For some reason I just can't help it.

Tonight Thomas and I made it a quick one for dinner at Chipotle, I got my usual
and saved half for lunch tomorrow... if it makes it that long ;)

Other than that like I said before today was pretty boring. Besides being a housewife and completing my daily chores, haha... I did sand down some worn parts on my mirror and sand the spice rack to get that ready for painting.

Still not sure what to paint it but I guess I'll figure that out when it gets closer.

I still have to stain the mirror lightly to give it it's antique feel back. But at least I finished with the cosmetic "damage" part.

No other projects for me today although I did a lot of research on crafts and even browsed the "free" section of craigslist looking for more projects to start :) I am surprised that today was the first day I thought to look there. There are so many old items that just need a little TLC. If I let myself email everyone that I wanted to today I'd have more furniture than I could fit in our apartment!

Now I just need to learn how to reupholster and I'll feel completely accomplished in the DIY department!

Well that's all I have for you tonight folks. Tomorrow I work in the morning and should have a date with the gym as well. Until next time,

Friday, June 19, 2009

upcoming cute crafts :)

First and the easiest project I want to take on would be these...
Fabric covered aluminum pen cups, Kira did a version of these as well with scrapbook paper, hopefully when reading this she'll post her pics at raindywednesdaymornings.blogspot.com... hint hint ;)

I like the idea of doing them with fabric, and in this picture I also like the labeled jar. Both of these can be done with recycled aluminum cans and glass spaghetti sauce jars or something of the sort.
And to the right is an example done in sheet
music cardstock. >>>

The one on the left is an example of
the organizing jars from Martha Stewart

I'm on a huge fabric craft kick and can't wait to get started on fabric art. Here's an example found on womansday.com to the left and the two below were found on apartmenttherapy.com.

It seems really simple to do and personally I can't wait to get started on them. I will have to budget myself when it comes to purchasing fabric for them, so it may be a little while. So I'll ponder on my inspirations until then. Kira wants to create a headboard out of them which also seems like a really cool project to try. If we decided on a bed without a headboard it may also become an option for me :) Other than that I'm having trouble figuring out which room I would like to place them in. When I get started I will post the directions, or you can find them at womansday.com.

For personal projects I need to work on my antique candle holders. I am not sure how to go about this without ruining the original details/carvings on the sticks. So I will definitely need to do my research for this one.

Other than that I need to finish up my antique mirror, so that we can pack it for the move. For that I think that I am just going to sand the finished paint so that some of the old finish come through. I may decided to stain it later but for now I think that should suffice.

I also want to get started on refinishing the spice rack. I'll probably just sand it down and get it ready for paint. I won't start painting that until we move into the new kitchen probably.
The last thing I think I need to do is the flower arangement for the cute watering can that I bought last week. Other than that I can't think of anything at the moment that I will be starting soon.

As always if you have any ideas for me to try just leave me a comment!
Have a great saturday!

...a lazy friday

Good Evening!

After waking up so early for the big iPhone release :) (I know I sound like a silly nerd) we have been so tired all day we really haven't had the energy to do much of anything! We came home and played around with them for a while, finally became hungry enough to outweigh the tiredness and headed to Dave & Buster's at the mall for our weekly lunch out.

I got this really great chicken club sandwich with an interesting avocado sauce and Thomas chose chicken tenders. Oh I love my 5 year old, well it was my treat since he helped me pay for the phone so at least he was a cheap date ; ) We took a nap around 4 and ever since then we've just been relaxing. I've been browsing the web for bedroom sets that I like. I know we're probably going with Ikea but I can't decide between these..

The Hemnes

Or the Malm

I like the Hemnes... alot, but both of us agree that we don't like footboards because we sleep so low on the bed our feet like to dangle.. :)
So we'll debate that until we move in most likely.
Well it will definitely be an early night for me as I do have to work bright and early tomorrow morning, so until tomorrow....
Have a great night and an awesome weekend!

iPhone frenzy.. or not so much

We picked up our iphones bright and early this morning at 6:30 a.m. We were prepared for a long line full of sleepy and disgruntled people, and we were greeted by no one! We were the first people there! I know, total shock. Overall I'm in love already, it's way faster. The camera is awesome you can focus on certain parts of a picture as you would be able to with a fancy camera. You can voice command you're phone to call, text, by phone number or by name. I can watch youtube, play with pandora and tag songs from the radio with the click of a button. Well, for now I'm off to get some more sleep!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

and Viola!

I was eager to get started on my fabric box craft and I'm so glad I took this on! It looks amazing!
Another craft found on womansday.com, here's what I did:

Fabric-Covered Boxes Craft Project

Fabric-Covered Boxes Craft Project

Photo: © Jeff McNamara

Skill Level: Beginner

Empty box
Enough fabric to cover the top, sides and bottom of box
Mod Podge, or other craft glue
2-inch-wide grosgrain ribbon

1. Center the bottom of the box over the back side of the fabric. Trim the fabric so that there is enough to pull up and cover the sides, plus 1 inch.

2. Apply Mod Podge to the bottom of the box with the paintbrush. Place the box onto the back side of the fabric and smooth out any wrinkles.

3. Apply Mod Podge to one of the longer sides of the box, pull up the fabric to cover the side. Apply glue along the top inner edge of the box, fold over the fabric and press in place. Repeat on the other long side.

4. Apply Mod Podge to short sides of box, fold in the fabric as you would with a giftwrap, pull fabric up to cover the short ends. You may trim away excess at fabric corners and fold in raw edges before applying fabric to create a smoother finish if desired. Fold over and glue the raw edges of the fabric to the inside of the box.

5. Repeat Steps 1 through 4 to cover the lid.

6. Cut a 3-inch piece of ribbon and fold in half to form a loop. Glue the loop to the inside edge of the lid, letting loop extend about an inch. Let dry. Cover box with lid.

And here's mine:



My biggest suggestions would be to pay attention to the amount of glue that you're applying to the box, especially if you're using a thin fabric. Too much and it will seep right through and leave a big nasty stain, as I realized with a small portion of the bottom of my box. I ironed the fabric before I started even though it doesn't say that in the directions. It took a little bit of time to get the last two sides to look pretty folded, because there is extra fabric underneath so I couldn't really find a way to make it totally smooth... but I'm no perfectionist. I also used a hot glue gun to get those sides to stick on the inside because they were thicker.

And I used mine to hold my fabrics :)

Well now I'm off to clean up my mess, and get some zzz's. Tomorrow's friday!
Bye for now,

today was our lucky day!

You know how hard it is to find that perfect dress, ladies? And then we're expected to find the shoes to match? Ugh, I've been there quite a few times. Well I think I'll bring Kira with me from now on as we came for one and left with three! We were in search for a dress worthy of a fancy convention that she's attending with her boyfriend's family next week. First we came across these...

(I'm on the left)

And after debating we decided that the one she's in is too sexy for the convention, but perfect for her trip to Florida coming up next month, at 24.99 she scored on that on. The dress I'm in is Jones New York and wait, drum roll... totaled at 15.99, what a steal!

We headed out of JC Penny's and into Macy's and Kira and I agreed that Calvin Klein made this dress for her.

Here's my Proof^

It's such a pretty green color and it just pops with her skin :)

We found the perfect shoes to match after a quick bite to eat.

And then we headed to JoAnn's Fabrics to pick up some supplies to start my fabric box craft. I'll post instructions on that as I get going on it!
There was this cute antique/thrift shop next to it called Chesapeake Treasures so of course we had to go inside! I found these antique candle holders for 1$ each...

I love the little details on them!

I have also been saying forever that I have wanted a spice rack for our kitchen, but have never invested in one simply because they are an "investment" in themselves. So overtime I have bought a spice here and there and pretty much have a makeshift collection in a cabinet. So imagine my surprise when I found this wooden spice rack at the antique shop.
I'll most likely paint it to match our new kitchen when that time comes, but for 4$ I couldn't pass it up!

I'm going to make it an early night tonight as me and Thomas will both be waking tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn to beat the lines tomorrow and purchase our new Iphones. Yep, because I totally seem like the type of person who would be into all that kind of stuff. :)

I'm off to figure out how to start my next project!
Thanks for reading,

getting a definite late start...

This morning I woke up disturbed at 6:00 with a jolt of thunder so loud it shook the apartment and set off several car alarms. I don't know if I mentioned it before but I am deathly afraid of storms, so needless to say I started crying as soon as I heard it. Thomas woke with me and immediately came to comfort but ended up snoring while holding me 2 minutes later. :) I had some trouble falling back asleep at that point and probably laid in bed for 3 hours until I finally did. I woke up at 11! Definitely not like me!

Well today my legs are sore from pushing at the gym yesterday, my pulled calf muscle is screaming at me, so I will probably take my off gym day today. I got Thomas breakfast this morning for being so sweet, and later today I am planning on helping Kira find a dress for an upcoming convention. It's pretty rainy and crappy outside right now, so another dreary day in Maryland to look forward to. :)

I'll let you know later how our day went!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My finished bottle project

I also bought but forgot to mention this pink watering can from Antiques To Go in Pasadena, for $4.

Pictured with them are my little project that was originally found on womansday.com, cute enamel bottles. I used leftover San Pellegrino bottles to make them. Mine didn't turn out quite as good as the ones they pictured, mostly because I ran out of enamel paint and had to mix it with water :/ But I still think they're cute!

Here are the instructions:

Craft Project: Make Enameled Bottles

Craft Project: Make Enameled Bottles

Photo: © Iain Bagwell

1. Buy dishwasher-safe enamel paint and surface conditioner (like Delta brand; $3.14 each at crafts stores).

2. Prime the glass by pouring a bit of conditioner into clean, dry bottles to coat the inside.

3. Pour out any excess. Once completely dry, coat the inside of the bottles with enamel, then then prop them each upside down in a jar or on a paper towel to catch drips.

4. Check periodically for the first hour, wiping any excess from the lips. Allow to dry completely for about 48 hours.



Happy Hump Day!

I hope that everyone else has one day of the week that they can call their own. Ya know, one day where you can really kick back and relax, do your own thing. Whatever you please all day at least once a week.

Well that day for me and my friend Kira is Wednesday. We started with a brisk walk around Ellicott City while browsing in a view stores, and then we headed to lunch at our weekly joint Panera Bread. :) After lunch we made it a light day at the gym, we warmed up with 20 minutes on the treadmill, about 10 running, 10 walking. We did abs and arms and stretched about called it a day there. We decided we were just in the mood to browse so we stopped at thrift stores, good wills, and little antique shops until we were both dead tired! I managed to find a few things I liked and purchased...

This rectangular wicker basket(3$), which I think I'll place in the kitchen with my cookbooks.
And this nice big wicker basket at the Good Will for 3 $ as well, which holds as many books as I could shove :)

I should actually be getting some laundry in before Thomas comes home so we can relax together, but I was too anxious to share my day, so off I go!

Happy Hump Day!

PS. Yep, in the background of the pic you guessed it is a finished picture of the mirror, well for now. That is until I get the guts to ruin the paint job!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The end to a long day..

Well before getting off work my maintenance director informed me that my tire was flat. After a mad panic, and convincing my boyfriend to help me!.. he came and put my donut on and I made it down the highway doing 45 mph to get to the dealership for the service dept to plug the hole that a nail made in my tire :(

After that I made it to my Aunt's in time for dinner, to my uncle's in time for his birthday party and at the gym at 9, so not exactly as early as I planned but alas it worked out. I did 40 minutes on the elliptical and realized my calf muscle was starting to ache. So I've been stretching it and icing and soaking it and hopefully I have not pulled the muscle! Because I have a gym date with Kira in the morning!

Have a good night!

some bad news today...

Thomas calls me at work to tell me they let go of his boss today. :( Not only was he Thomas' favorite manager, we also developed a friendship with him and his family, so this was not very good news to start work with for Thomas. :( Thomas was recently promoted to the internet manager, and hopefully his job is safe, as we are moving in exactly one month!

Well on a lighter note, the quarter auction was a whole lot of fun!! We didn't win anything! Which stunk, because we definitely went through about 30 dollars in quarters for each of us! But it all went to charity so I don't feel too bad about writing that off in the back account. They had about 6 different vendors, from Pampered Chef, Home Interiors and such and the bids were generally around 50 cents. There were a few things I had my eye on, but alas no win for me. We had fun either way, and it all went to a good friend of our family's scholarship fund in memory of their grandaughter.

Today will be another busy day, last night my manager called and asked if I was able to make it into work this morning at 7 and I was happy to pick up the hours and it only modified my schedule slightly. Once I get off I will head to my Aunt's house to visit with my Nanny and take a trip to see my Aunt Juls in the nursing home. Then we're shopping for my uncle's birthday, totally last minute since his party is right after that! And hopefully that won't end too late so I can make it to the gym before 9. Thomas worked a double shift today so that his partner could have off so he won't be off until 9 so maybe I'll have a chance to comfort him when I get back from the gym!

PS. The antique mirror project totally took longer than I expected, the painter's tape apparently didn't cover everything somehow, or the mirror shifted and paint dried all over some of the edges of the mirror. So I'm still working at carefully chipping that off, and then I'll post the final product!

Have a happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 15, 2009

oh how i LOVE summer break

It is so nice to wake up when I'm no longer tired, & read in my pjs until noon! Oh, how I love love love summer break. This morning I woke around 9 or so, decided against showering and dressing right away and snuggled into my book with a cup of tea. I'm reading the Host by Stephenie Meyer, since I'm done with the Twilight series I wanted to see what else she had to offer. In the beginning it was VERY sci-fi like, but I think 300 pages later I'm starting to see the love story building.. lol. Around 11 or so I decided I was ready to move, so I headed to the gym and did 45 minutes on the elliptical. I love being able to workout when my body feels like it, not when I have to squeeze it in between class, homework and work. And so far this summer noonish has been the best time, there's hardly anyone at the gym and by the time I'm done I'm ready for lunch! Tonight there's a view other things on my list to do, I'm supporting a friend at her father's viewing :(, and then I'm heading to a quarter auction for charity. I've never been to one of these so this should be interesting!
As always, thanks for reading!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

my antique mirror project...

So while Kira and I were trying to find things to do last week we decided to head into Ellicott City to do a little antiquing. We headed into some overpriced rooms at first and then into Taylor's Antique Mall (www.taylorsantiquemall.com), by far our favorite antique shop.. if you can call it a shop! It's definitely more like a mall, three stories and about two buildings wide. One of the booths was having a sixty percent off sale and I found an adorable antique mirror for originally 24 $! It was by far in bad shape, had a scratched off price sticker stuck to it, alot of scratches on the frame, but I fell in love with it, and with the discount it came to be only about 10 bucks!

After the painter's tape, before painting.

So I decided I was going to redo it, and started my project yesterday afternoon. I did a little sanding to get most of the old paint off which was now a shade of dirt gray and some of the dings out. Today I started painting, and I'm pretty sure once the paint dries I will try and distress it some to make it still look antiquey :)

Here's my progress so far..

The lighting is a little off in this one because the lamp is right above it, but it's a shade of cream. Still waiting for the paint to dry and for ideas to come to me about how I will distress it. Any ideas are welcome!
Thanks for reading!

Allow me to introduce myself!

For those of you who know me, this will sound totally repetitive hopefully... and for those of you who do not I am Kate, and I'm a 20 year old college student. This blog will probably turn out pretty boring, since I don't lead an extremely significant or cool life.. but I hope you'll join me either way. :) I attend University of Maryland-Baltimore County in Baltimore Maryland, I'll be a junior in the fall. I major in psychology and am hoping to get my masters degree eventually, and would like to be an adolescent therapist. I have a wonderful boyfriend of almost 4 years, Thomas, whom I live with in Odenton, Maryland for now.

Thomas and I on Our 3rd Anniversary

We have one beautiful baby, a 2 year old Italian (Miniature) Greyhound named Parker who currently lives with his Grandma for lack of space reasons. :(

Our Baby: Parker

I have a really awesome family, with 2 sisters and 2 brothers, and practically four parents. My mom means the world to me, being a single mother and putting herself through nursing school while in recovery from an addiction, I could not possibly have a better role model in my life. I also have the best grandparents a girl could ask for, they would do anything for their baby and I love them more than the world. I have the best friend a friend could ask for, Kira. I would do anything for her! We have lunch once and week, travel, shop and talk at least once a day. We are the definition of best friends forever.

Kira and I in New York

For work I'm part time at the Hampton Inn by the B.W.I. airport. I am a guest service representative, so I pretty much am a receptionist and a customer service worker :/ which can be pretty frustrating at times. I only work just a little bit a week, mostly to keep myself sane with school work, but I love it there. I've made some pretty wonderful friends and it's really a great place to be!

I am on somewhat of a healthy lifestyle journey I guess you could call it. I recently lost give or take 47 pounds or so, simply by cutting out most fast food (except for Chick-fil-A of course!), soda and most processed snacks and working out somewhat . I am by no means perfect however, I am still overweight and I do not eat well everyday or go to the gym every time I'm supposed to ;) but I'm still working on it!

Well I guess more about my hobbies and such, besides school and work of course I love to shop. I love a good bargain, so of course favorite stores are probably TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Old Navy and Target. I love old classic books, To Kill a Mockingbird, Scarlet Letter, Pride and Prejudice and so on. I could go on forever about books. I love Twilight and I don't know really care what you think about it! :P No really, definitely my favorite series. I know most people think it's just book for teens but it's much more than that! I love the sun, tanning is one of my favorite pastimes. My grandparents have a house in Ocean City, MD so I try to visit for a few days at least twice a month in the summertime. I do love to work out, though I don't as often as I should, there's just something about the adrenaline rush from your tenners on the pavement. I love little projects and purchasing cool things for our apartment. I love cooking, and trying to make old recipes more healthy.

This blog will basically be about my life, college, work, and random cool things: diy projects, recipes i find, my upcoming move in date for our new apartment. Pictures of things I come by on my way through life!

Thanks for Reading!