Monday, June 29, 2009

projects projects projects!

I feel like I'm up to my ears in them! But I love it so who am I to complain. So sorry for not taking pictures last night, I did not end up wearing the dress it started to rain and I was not in the mood for sandly shoes and wet feet. I would have taken pictures of my yummy pasta but I left the camera in the car and was not travelling out in the rain to grab it... it was just not my night! But I did start on some really cool things projects last night I must share. First things first I bought this stain a little while ago.. (when I bought the paint that fell on my poor toes)(which are still recovering !)

Originally I bought this stain because it was 3.50$ and for my spice rack. It's called Provincial and it's really dark. So since I didn't feel like working on the spice rack :/ I know I'm a procrastinator I decided to dirty up my mirror instead. Here's my final finished product of my redone mirror! Don't mind my reflection I was trying to get the best light :) Oh and don't mind the mess in the background either.. that's just my half-packed kitchen!

So that can finally be put to rest all I did was sand a few warn marks into it with fine sand paper, and then go over certain parts with the dark stain and wipe off quickly so now it looks nice and dirty dirty.

I also started slowly becoming Martha Stewart, besides totally stalking her website lately trying to find things to do I actually started on one project! I'm modifying her rope coasters craft. You can find her version here. I didn't finish them yet but here's my progress so far...

Anyways I'm at work now and I'll be home later to spend some time with Thomas and possibly work on these again!

Hope your Mondays weren't too awful!

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