Friday, June 19, 2009

...a lazy friday

Good Evening!

After waking up so early for the big iPhone release :) (I know I sound like a silly nerd) we have been so tired all day we really haven't had the energy to do much of anything! We came home and played around with them for a while, finally became hungry enough to outweigh the tiredness and headed to Dave & Buster's at the mall for our weekly lunch out.

I got this really great chicken club sandwich with an interesting avocado sauce and Thomas chose chicken tenders. Oh I love my 5 year old, well it was my treat since he helped me pay for the phone so at least he was a cheap date ; ) We took a nap around 4 and ever since then we've just been relaxing. I've been browsing the web for bedroom sets that I like. I know we're probably going with Ikea but I can't decide between these..

The Hemnes

Or the Malm

I like the Hemnes... alot, but both of us agree that we don't like footboards because we sleep so low on the bed our feet like to dangle.. :)
So we'll debate that until we move in most likely.
Well it will definitely be an early night for me as I do have to work bright and early tomorrow morning, so until tomorrow....
Have a great night and an awesome weekend!

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