Friday, June 19, 2009

upcoming cute crafts :)

First and the easiest project I want to take on would be these...
Fabric covered aluminum pen cups, Kira did a version of these as well with scrapbook paper, hopefully when reading this she'll post her pics at hint hint ;)

I like the idea of doing them with fabric, and in this picture I also like the labeled jar. Both of these can be done with recycled aluminum cans and glass spaghetti sauce jars or something of the sort.
And to the right is an example done in sheet
music cardstock. >>>

The one on the left is an example of
the organizing jars from Martha Stewart

I'm on a huge fabric craft kick and can't wait to get started on fabric art. Here's an example found on to the left and the two below were found on

It seems really simple to do and personally I can't wait to get started on them. I will have to budget myself when it comes to purchasing fabric for them, so it may be a little while. So I'll ponder on my inspirations until then. Kira wants to create a headboard out of them which also seems like a really cool project to try. If we decided on a bed without a headboard it may also become an option for me :) Other than that I'm having trouble figuring out which room I would like to place them in. When I get started I will post the directions, or you can find them at

For personal projects I need to work on my antique candle holders. I am not sure how to go about this without ruining the original details/carvings on the sticks. So I will definitely need to do my research for this one.

Other than that I need to finish up my antique mirror, so that we can pack it for the move. For that I think that I am just going to sand the finished paint so that some of the old finish come through. I may decided to stain it later but for now I think that should suffice.

I also want to get started on refinishing the spice rack. I'll probably just sand it down and get it ready for paint. I won't start painting that until we move into the new kitchen probably.
The last thing I think I need to do is the flower arangement for the cute watering can that I bought last week. Other than that I can't think of anything at the moment that I will be starting soon.

As always if you have any ideas for me to try just leave me a comment!
Have a great saturday!

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