Sunday, June 14, 2009

my antique mirror project...

So while Kira and I were trying to find things to do last week we decided to head into Ellicott City to do a little antiquing. We headed into some overpriced rooms at first and then into Taylor's Antique Mall (, by far our favorite antique shop.. if you can call it a shop! It's definitely more like a mall, three stories and about two buildings wide. One of the booths was having a sixty percent off sale and I found an adorable antique mirror for originally 24 $! It was by far in bad shape, had a scratched off price sticker stuck to it, alot of scratches on the frame, but I fell in love with it, and with the discount it came to be only about 10 bucks!

After the painter's tape, before painting.

So I decided I was going to redo it, and started my project yesterday afternoon. I did a little sanding to get most of the old paint off which was now a shade of dirt gray and some of the dings out. Today I started painting, and I'm pretty sure once the paint dries I will try and distress it some to make it still look antiquey :)

Here's my progress so far..

The lighting is a little off in this one because the lamp is right above it, but it's a shade of cream. Still waiting for the paint to dry and for ideas to come to me about how I will distress it. Any ideas are welcome!
Thanks for reading!

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