Tuesday, June 23, 2009

finally 85 and sunny!

It feels like forever that we've had a real summer day around here! Finally today was beautiful enough that I was able to make it to my cousins' pool.
Hi, from the poolside :)

Unfortunately I had company with me...
And yes, underneath of those bad boys is the culprit. The paint can that caused this mess. Luckily it's actually starting to feel better. I've been icing it since last night, and there is an indefinite bruise across three toes, but luckily I don't think anything is broken and I can actually bend my toes again...slightly. I think that I might not need the crutches tomorrow, and I might even be able to go to the gym sooner than I thought!

Well tomorrow just became alot more exciting than it was. I was planning on going to the beach (Ocean City, MD) this week for a few days and Kira was headed down as well and now we're leaving a day early and staying at my grandparents! Since the next two days are going to be amazing weather we're totally syked. Can't wait to have a drink by the pool, or lounge on the beach by the waves!
I haven't decided whether I'm taking my laptop or not. We have one to share between Thomas and I and I may decide to leave it for him. So I may be posting soon, and if not I'll be back Friday with details!
Well my real housewives of new jersey reunion is about to come on! So I'm going to be watching and trying to pack as well, Have a great night all!

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