Friday, June 26, 2009

And we're back!

Finally, after a long traffic ridden drive home Kira and I are back home, Yay back to the blog! We had oodles of fun while there, and had some relatively nice weather. Above is a snapshot of us on the end of the Bay Bridge. We went to the beach, we laid out by the pool, visited the boardwalk and partied slightly. ;) We almost saw the sunrise
...but decided it was a little too overcast and headed home!

Overall I was sad to leave but also anxious to be home with Thomas, and the apartment that needs packing. I shall be visiting the Ocean again next weekend for the 4th of July this time with him so I shouldn't miss it too much in between! Michael Jackson passing away still seems very unreal. Thomas is highly upset that the Elvis of our time has died. So it's been nothing but seeing him on TV and trying to find him on the radio since I got home :) I don't mind, however he would like to grieve is fine with me.
The roommates are moving out today seeing the apartment semi-empty makes me nervous about how far Thomas and I have until we're even close to ready to move mid-July! We'll have a lot on our plates for the next couple weeks.

Until next time,

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