Sunday, June 14, 2009

Allow me to introduce myself!

For those of you who know me, this will sound totally repetitive hopefully... and for those of you who do not I am Kate, and I'm a 20 year old college student. This blog will probably turn out pretty boring, since I don't lead an extremely significant or cool life.. but I hope you'll join me either way. :) I attend University of Maryland-Baltimore County in Baltimore Maryland, I'll be a junior in the fall. I major in psychology and am hoping to get my masters degree eventually, and would like to be an adolescent therapist. I have a wonderful boyfriend of almost 4 years, Thomas, whom I live with in Odenton, Maryland for now.

Thomas and I on Our 3rd Anniversary

We have one beautiful baby, a 2 year old Italian (Miniature) Greyhound named Parker who currently lives with his Grandma for lack of space reasons. :(

Our Baby: Parker

I have a really awesome family, with 2 sisters and 2 brothers, and practically four parents. My mom means the world to me, being a single mother and putting herself through nursing school while in recovery from an addiction, I could not possibly have a better role model in my life. I also have the best grandparents a girl could ask for, they would do anything for their baby and I love them more than the world. I have the best friend a friend could ask for, Kira. I would do anything for her! We have lunch once and week, travel, shop and talk at least once a day. We are the definition of best friends forever.

Kira and I in New York

For work I'm part time at the Hampton Inn by the B.W.I. airport. I am a guest service representative, so I pretty much am a receptionist and a customer service worker :/ which can be pretty frustrating at times. I only work just a little bit a week, mostly to keep myself sane with school work, but I love it there. I've made some pretty wonderful friends and it's really a great place to be!

I am on somewhat of a healthy lifestyle journey I guess you could call it. I recently lost give or take 47 pounds or so, simply by cutting out most fast food (except for Chick-fil-A of course!), soda and most processed snacks and working out somewhat . I am by no means perfect however, I am still overweight and I do not eat well everyday or go to the gym every time I'm supposed to ;) but I'm still working on it!

Well I guess more about my hobbies and such, besides school and work of course I love to shop. I love a good bargain, so of course favorite stores are probably TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Old Navy and Target. I love old classic books, To Kill a Mockingbird, Scarlet Letter, Pride and Prejudice and so on. I could go on forever about books. I love Twilight and I don't know really care what you think about it! :P No really, definitely my favorite series. I know most people think it's just book for teens but it's much more than that! I love the sun, tanning is one of my favorite pastimes. My grandparents have a house in Ocean City, MD so I try to visit for a few days at least twice a month in the summertime. I do love to work out, though I don't as often as I should, there's just something about the adrenaline rush from your tenners on the pavement. I love little projects and purchasing cool things for our apartment. I love cooking, and trying to make old recipes more healthy.

This blog will basically be about my life, college, work, and random cool things: diy projects, recipes i find, my upcoming move in date for our new apartment. Pictures of things I come by on my way through life!

Thanks for Reading!

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