Friday, July 31, 2009

i promised you reviews...

So here they are :) Just wanted to share with you all some thoughts and opinions about books I've read, and some movies I've seen while I was away from my blogworld for that awfully long week! First up is a book that I personally struggled to read off and on for about 2 months. (I usually finish an average size book in a few days to a week)
The Host by Stephenie Meyer- First off let me say that I am a huge Stephenie Meyer fan. Twilight=amazing. This book should have scared me away when my boyfriend guessed that it was about aliens by the name of it. He said that aliens are referred to as hosts in a lot of video games he plays. Yeah, I should have put it back on the shelf right then and there. But because I am a huge fan and thought I would love anything she wrote after Twilight I gave it a shot. I don't want to say that it is a bad book, it's just not my style. If you're familiar with the author then you would know she has a hard time getting to a point quickly (look at the length of the Twilight books) and she has the same problem here except in this novel's case it was painful. If you like sci-fi this could be right up your alley. All in all for me it was a very hard read.

Since I rarely ever go to movie theaters to see a movie (not a fan of the obnoxious middle schoolers, and the rudeness of some people and their gum chewing) I normally just rent when I can watch them in the comfort of my own home. One of the most recent movies seen was a dud.

Knowing starring Nicholas Cage.
Again, I have to say Thomas and I are pretty fond of Nicholas Cage movies. This one was just bad. It had some pretty good ideas, for example if the entire movie was built around the list found revealing the dates of all major tragedies to happen around the world- the movie probably would have been awesome. But instead it went off on some odd tangents, leaving you to not really understand where the movie was headed, and questioning the need of some of the characters in the plot. That and the ending of the movie absolutely blew. End of story.

Beautiful Boy by David Sheff.
This book was a wonderful compilation of one family's journey through their son's harmful drug addiction. The story begins at his birth goes through his childhood and continues to present day. Sheff shares his emotions, his personal experiences with drugs and his thoughts on different types of treatments and rehabilitation centers. Having an addict in my family I highly appreciated this book, I loved the wisdom that the author shared as well as his feelings during periods of relapse. He shared both positive and negative stories about his son's addiction. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good read, but specifically for parents, children or families of addicts, addicts as well as recovering addicts. I loved also the education that I gained from this read. (For example: I'm not very drug saavy, and had no idea that meth and speed were the same thing!) After Beautiful Boy came out Nic Sheff decided to write his story of his addiction called 'Tweak'. I can't wait to read that one. If you'd like more convincing to read here's a father-son video here.
And the one movie that I ALWAYS have seen the midnight premiere for.................
Harry Potter!! This particular release was Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince or the
sixth book. My review for this one will probably be very bias, since I am and have always been a huge HP fanatic. I thought that the director captured this book perfectly. The story line is of course fantastic, the acting is amazing as always. I love that they played up the little romances and jealousies between the characters. It was surprisingly very funny while being extremely dark and adventurous at the same time. Overall I'd hate to place a favorite but I'd say I think that this one did it for me. I think there was a few more things in the book that I wish they would have dwelled on longer but that's every recreation of a novel. Overall as a fan, I was very pleased with this movie!

Well guys, this was my first time doing reviews! If you'd like more posts like this or not, just let me know! Today has been filled so far with finishing up my mail holder, after it stops raining I think I'll head out for a jog and do day 3 of Jillian's Shred :)
Have a great afternoon!


  1. This one was my favorite Harry Potter movie too! I thought it was soo funny and yet so sad! They really did a great job on that movie! Can't wait for deathly hallows!

  2. I have The Host on my TBR shelf, but just haven't gotten around to reading it! I have heard mixed reviews, but I get a feeling I will probably feel the same way as you!
    I also LOVE Harry Potter and this movie was fabulously done! Definitely my favorite! My only regret is that I didn't re-read the book before seeing the movie. For the two Deathly Hallows movies I will definitely read the book again beforehand!