Monday, July 13, 2009

wow I'm really getting into this!

Woah! I have to say when I started blogging I was sure that it wasn't going to be a long term thing, that I would eventually grow tired and bored with my topics and that I would never find a way to interest anyone.... I have to say that I am pretty surprised with myself! I have really enjoyed every moment of sharing my lives with all of you :) I have not really found myself...too often anyways... without words.

Since I enjoy this so much so that I have decided to start another blog. I am going to make this seperate because it really has no relation to my current crafts/good deals/random blog. It will be sorta like a foodie blog. I decided that I really want to get completely back into my cooking/healthy meal plan phase again once we move into the apartment. I'll tell ya, lately we've been eating out a little bit more than normal because of the not wanting to buy more perishables while we're in the current apartment, and all this eating out is really messing with my body. It's not that it's all entirely unhealthy (if you choose the right places) it's just not my style. So I started coming up with some weekly meal plans so that I have in advance ideas for lunches and dinners. I'll post what it is and where I found it, since I'm no chef I'll be grabbing most of these recipes from the web, and my cookbooks! And hopefully I'll have enough times to shoot pics and give you my reviews of the food! You can find my nifty little project by clicking here

For those who haven't followed from the start I've been on my weight loss journey since July of 08' and have since lost around 45 pounds. I hope that by starting this new blog that I can further my success and hopefully encourage some people out there that losing weight isn't as hard as everyone makes it out to be!

Have a great day!

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