Sunday, July 12, 2009

maybe mountains?

I know this is awful far away to start planning for it already but Thomas and I normally go away just for a weekend around our anniversary date. (Which is in November people, OCD much?) Last year on our anniversary Thomas and I visited Washington D.C. which was an amazing trip. There was a perfect balance between history, entertainment and relaxation. This year I have started looking for places to go already! I'm thinking I really want to go to the Pocono Mountains in PA, which I hear is very romantic. We tried going there last year but couldn't find a hotel that was reasonable enough. This year, due to my excessive planning, I have it booked! Above is a picture of it in the Spring, obviously it will look more like this by the time we make it...

Well originally I thought there was no way Thomas would be into this kind of trip, because everyone kept telling me the only cool thing to do was ski- and both of us hate the cold! But I did a little researching and found out there is so much more to explore. I think we'll go horseback riding, go on a hike to tour the waterfalls,

... we'll probably go visit some museums and maybe I can convince him to shop with me! Well I was pretty excited so I felt the need to tell you :)

Have a great day!


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  1. It sounds like so much fun! It should be absolutely gorgeous in the fall too! Horseback riding would be a really great activity to enjoy the scenery :)