Wednesday, July 15, 2009

packing and painting...

Story of my day :/ Well first off here's a hello from the Harry Potter premier, well from the line we waited in to get into the theater! An awesome movie, first off whether you're a fan of the book or not. And for all of you who went to the premier last night Congrats! because we set a record for the most money made at a midnight premier!! You can find the full article here.
Today I went to lunch with Kira at Panera, like every Wednesday if you haven't already noticed our little trend :) We then washed my car at a really cool DIY car wash.
And then I proceeded to have a really productive but still boring day. I packed the entire kitchen, which also meant cleaning out the fridge and freezer which meant SEVERAL trips up and down 3 flights of stairs to throw all the trash away. Inbetween getting bored cleaning and packing I worked on some painting too since the weather wasn't too humid. I was able to get my seagull frame completely painted...
It's the same color as my mirror, which I believe is country white by Dutchboy. It's still drying for some reason so I'll have final pictures tomorrow! I also just worked on painting some Ikea frames
..painted them gray to hopefully match our new bedrooms colors. I used spray paint on those as well as my "live" and "love" signs which I will post tomorrow as well.
I'm pretty tired tonight (maybe from being up until 4 this morning?) so I'm going to try and finish my book so I'll meet with you again tomorrow my dears!


  1. those will be so cute when they are done!

  2. Those picture frames look great! Productive days are always nice because in the days after you can relax a little more. I SEE HP TONIGHT! I cannot wait any longer!