Monday, July 27, 2009

Great news!

My internet's back! And I've lost almost all of the weight that I've gained from summer ice cream! I had literally gained about 8 pounds since June simply from Boardwalk french fries and mint choco chip ice cream. Pathetic I know but I've really put my head and body and tummy to it the last 2 weeks and have officially kicked 6 of those pounds.. almost there :)
As for crafts Kira sent me awesome news this morning, a family member cleaned out their craft room and donated whole lots of fun to the Kira and Kate craft foundation :) And we are going to set her basement up as a craft station for all of our crazy extravaganzas! We have a craft date Wednesday and hopefully we'll finish up working on these...
We got the idea from one of our favorite blogs Life in the Fun Lane, you can find the post on her cherry blossom branches there.

Well folks, I'm about to head downstairs and do a couple exercises out of my new book...
then get ready for work! Have a great monday!

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