Wednesday, July 29, 2009

kate's finally crafting again...

You heard that right, give Kate a day off, a few extra bucks and a Sweet place to work and she'll turn into Martha herself. :) So I spent all lovely day with my bestie, Kira, and wowee did we find some cuties. I must not have been in the mood to pull my iphone out of my purse (?? if that's possible) because I did NOT take any pictures of my finds. I know strange of me, right? I thought so too. Well I'll remind myself tomorrow or friday when I head back over to Kira's to reuinite with my items!
First to backtrack Kira and I created an awesome space for our crafts! She has an area in her basement which is virtually unused and we now have a makeshift table, a few shelves and lots and lots of craft supplies! That's where we took on one of a few crafts today...but unfortunately you're going to have to tune in tomorrow to find out what! I hate posting crafts without pictures :)
I did find a few books from the Goodwill store...
I also found what I've been looking for all my livelong life I feel like.....
a Mail holder :)!!! Oh and it was only 8 dollars, it was at the Goodwill so you bet it needs some TLC ( a new paint job and some sanding) but I guarantee I will love it when it's finito! Once again, bare with me for pics! I promise I'll post as soon as I take them.
Folks, I'm off to watch watchmen with my man hehe, See you tomorrow!

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