Friday, July 3, 2009

relaxation at it's finest

Ahh... the sound of the ocean. Sorry it's not a better picture, I was not leaving my beach chair for anything :) I had my current book, (The Host by Stephenie Meyer) my sunblock (as well as tanning oil... I'll never learn!), diet Lipton Green Tea and my favorite shades and I had a perfect day at the beach! There's just something about being near the water that puts you immediately at ease. The relaxation that never wears. Only half of the fam came since everyone went the day before we got there and were sunburnt but we still enjoyed ourselves. Thomas stayed home with my nan and uncles and ended up having some fun himself involving mixed drinks and playing cards...
This is how I found him...

Well I'm pretty sure it was that and the combination of waking at 6 for him to fish and I to run.

Tonight my grandparents went to the local minor league baseball game and Thomas and I got ice cream and relaxed. We're about to play cards again and then get ready for Independence Day!

Hope everyone's holiday is fun and safe!

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