Friday, July 17, 2009

things I have wayyyy to much of...

Well folks this will probably be my last blog for a few days, I move TOMORROW :0 and will not have internet set up at the new place until sometime next week... boo. I promised you a post yesterday and did not sorry :)Yesterday was a busy day split three ways, shopping at AC Moore for craft things with Kira and starting a cherry blossom branch craft. Shopping with my Momma and sister at Kohl's.. twice. And packing. I've been doing alot of packing. Which leads me to the title for my post... I have way to many of a lot of things! For instance.
Picture frames.... I have soo many that Thomas made me put the last bunch in one of my baskets saying that I already have TWO boxes full and I need to stop wasting the boxes. Well obviously I don't seem to care that I have too many because I just bought two more as you know from my last post :/
Next obsession...
Wicker baskets... This isn't even all of them. Go ahead and laugh. This may be a normal amount of baskets... for someone who has a HOUSE I am moving from a bedroom into a one bedroom apartment. I think Thomas clocked them in at 34 baskets. Oh an not pictured is my collection of storage boxes too. I probably have about 10 of those. You can find a picture of what I'm talking about here when I fabric covered a few. If anyone one knows of someone I can see for help for a wicker basket/storage box addiction please leave a comment on this post.

Books, which most of them I have read a hundred times and am holding onto..
This is one of two large boxes! But I don't think I'm that bothered by this one. I love reading!

Shoes, once again not too upset about this I am a firm believer that one can never own too many pairs of shoes. I have about two boxes and a duffel bag full of those. However, Thomas owns three pair of shoes. One pair of tennis shoes, one pair of dressy/work shoes, and one pair of sandals. I don't know how he functions. That almost makes me mad that he thinks it's okay to only own three different types of shoes. Ugh, men.
I own one too many handbags. I have two very large trash bags of those. I have to say I will be discarding one! I took a good look through them yesterday and honestly I haven't used well over half of them in so long they've definitely gone out of style.

And now for the pictures that I am most disgusted by.... I have WAY too many CLOTHES

Even with the items in the closet, plastic bags and in the hampers... all of those are filled with my clothes...
I have more in the car. And I already donated 4 bags. I semi have a problem with clothes.

Well guys I'm gonna miss ya! Other than pack and move in I don't know what I'm going to do with myself for the next few days, Kira leaves for Florida today, and my nanny and entire family are all down the beach for two weeks!
I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! What are some things you have too many of?


  1. ohh my gosh! i laughed the whole time! ggeeeeezsus kate im so glad you didnt buy the 4.95 basket at AC i have a pack rat for a best friend lol

  2. Hahaha funny. I'll take donations!!!