Thursday, July 2, 2009

thank gosh its almost the 4th!

We leave tonight for a little vacay back to Ocean City, MD :) YES! I couldn't be more excited and Thomas needs it after all this work he's been up to! Well yesterday was a very very busy day for Kira and I. We had our weekly Panera Bread and then headed to IKEA per my request. I just wanted to get a few odds and ends for the new place. First thing that totally excited us....

FABRIC ART! I'm not sure why I'm sooo obsessed with this stuff lately. We almost bought the canvases yesterday to start but they're mucho expensive so I'm gonna hold off until I'm really sure what I want to do. I've been debating the headboard idea, but also am not sure if I just want to try them out singly until I make sure I like them!

Next on my list of ventures is the kitchen, after yesterday's trip I'm fairly sure that I am finished with the decorative items. I picked up a set of these

Well I picked up the rail, 2 of the pails and the paper towel holder..(not pictured). I love this idea! For the life of me I can't remember why I didn't take pictures of the apartment the last time we visited it to check on the progress... but if we stop by again I will remember. The kitchen is probably the ugliest part of the whole thing! It's very narrow and small but I can deal for the price.

Next I have to decide curtains for the living room sliding glass door. The complex is not providing venetian blinds so we have to figure out how we want to control that space. Since our couch is navy blue these were two choices I have to consider
I have a slight feeling Thomas will choose the stripes since he thinks I'm taking over his manly with all of the floral, but either one will do for me. Some other things I picked up while there: discounted plates (random, I know), a glass pitcher, drinking glasses, more spice jars, lots of adorable planters, and 2 tropical plants. (I packed most of it already to move, or I would have pictures) Alright, enough about the apartment.

Projects- I finished ONE coaster lol. I didn't say that they were easy or fun, well they are kinda fun but honestly more of a pain. You end up getting glue all over you just a forewarning, and once again I used Hemp rope because I couldn't find the rope she used.
Well folks, I'm off to make more of those, pack for the ocean and pack some more of the apartment up!
Hope your weekend starts today too!

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  1. I need to make a trip to Ikea! I love that place.