Thursday, July 30, 2009

pier1 freebie :)

So first off I have to give credit to pier1 for helping me recreate these beautiful babies myself :)
Here's my inspiration pic courtesy of
First terracotta planters were purchased for $.89 at A.C. Moore, so far that was the cheapest we found them. Kira and I bought chalkboard paint at Walmart for $7.99
Here they are with SEVERAL layers of chalkboard paint. Literally took some patience, we worked on other things while the paint dried :)
And here are my new herb pots ...

Seriously peeps it was that easy. They erase with your fingertips!

Oh, and as for my awesome find......
The missing parts are the hooks which were taken off to paint, it's just going to be white with the right empty side being painted with chalkboard paint! Once I'm done I'll be sure to show you the awesomeness of my new mail holder.
I'm exhausted from my date with Kira, my workout with Jillian, and my run with Parker! Nighty Night Bloggies!
Tomorrow's post is going to be full of reviews!

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