Monday, July 20, 2009

man oh man...

What an interesting last few days. Well to make a long story short, (which I know I shouldn't do in a blog.. but I'm still a little stressed by the story so...) we did NOT move Saturday. Okay correction I did move boxes for a few hours but they were removed and relocated to our temporary residence as of Friday.. my Momma's :) Since I'm holding off on the whole story I'll just say that it was not what we expected. The walls were thin and we had a lot of loud rude neighbors. So thanks to the 3 day law in Maryland (you have 3 days to back out of a contract if you are not satisfied) we were able to get all of our money back and back out of the lease without question. We are now going to be with my Mom until we find something better! I don't have internet since we got all of that changed so blogging will be minimal in the next few days. Hopefully we'll find something better soon!

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  1. Ahh good luck! At least you got ur money back!!!