Tuesday, July 14, 2009

steal alert!

What a day! My nan called me this morning early to ask if I could be her chauffeur today since my Poppy was not feeling too well, so we headed to her daily jobs at the crack of dawn. She travels to the elderly homes who are too sick to leave to fix up their hair! So today I drove her around town.... my reward.... SHOPPING :)
By far our favorite activity to delve into together. We headed to J.C. Penny's where we found their having 60% off and extra 20% off clearance items. I found a great pair of jeans by Liz Clairborne for 9 dollas! Steal. Next was Kohls where I found these beauties....
From the picture they look black (and kinda blurry :/), but they're actually a brown faux leather like frame. Total steals at 3.99 a piece on clearance.
And last but not least
This STEAL was 2.49$ because the frame is dirty! I love the picture in the frame it reminds me of my grandparents old beach house. I plan to repaint the frame just to clean it up but I couldn't pass it up for the price!
As if you think my day couldn't have gotten better .. it did :)
My cousin called and asked if we wanted to head out on his boat to do some crabbing... HECK YES.

Here's the crabber's pulling up our dinner :)
My darling sister and I.

And here's the non crabber basking in her UV rays A.K.A. me.
And our reward...
Tonight Thomas and I are taking my sister to see the midnight premier of the new Harry Potter movie !! Well I should say that they are accompanying me since I'm the semi nerd HP addict :) Hope everyone else had an equally amazing day!


  1. aw I love how we always post nearly the same thing :) I love those frames!!!

  2. Ahh I envy your day. I need to go clearance shopping soon! I cannot wait to see Harry Potter! I think I'm going tomorrow!