Saturday, July 11, 2009

...just a lonely saturday night...

Does anyone ever enjoy being bored? I don't know what it is about having absolutely nothing to do that kind of makes me like boredom. I may be weird, I don't know. Anyway, Thomas is out with the boys and I'm enjoying my boredom watching Bravo movies drinking hot tea and ...obviously blogging. :)
We move in one week exactly today!! And I'm still very under prepared. I wish I had enough balls to show you all how the apartment looks right now but I deleted the pictures as soon as I uploaded them! I also wish that my boxes and packing looked as organized as the picture above, but sadly no I googled that one. I literally will sit down to pack and give up after about 10 minutes. It's so mind numbingly boring! (The kind of boring that is obviously not enjoyable.) I've decided that I'm only taking half of my wardrobe with me so one of these days I will have to sort through all of that and decide what is nice enough to drag with me. Well tomorrow I'm off to work and then hopefully spending some time with Thomas!

Hope everyone else is enjoying their weekend, boring or not :)

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