Sunday, August 2, 2009

I seem to be...

...totally in love with everything wayyyyy outta my price range :)
For instance:

This lovely shower curtain from Anthro. Somehow, I don't see myself spending 118$ on this beau. Uh, correction: I could never see myself spending half of that on a shower curtain. Call me cheap, but that is one non-justifiable purchase. And for me those are hard to come by ;)

This one- much more doable at 24.99$ as part of the Shabby Chic collection at Target. And still in my opinion super cute :)

Now these...

...might be a little harder to pass up ;)

Today's day at work/running errands with Thomas/crappy (sweaty) run and grueling Jillian workout has left me with no more juice for ya bloggies :) Night!


  1. I'm with ya there... I got taste for the expensive too. Thats how they design em! All the good stuff is expensive!

  2. Iv also seen some pretty shower curtains, but they're SO expensive!