Monday, August 10, 2009

home sweet home :)

Great news folks. After hunting for what feels like forever and being tired of with living with my mother :) Love you Mom! ... I think we finally found something!
It needs a little shaping up, and we haven't officially signed anything yet; but the owners are going to make repairs and fix it up for the rest of August and we'll move the beginning of September! I love that it's an older house and is very unique. The set up is odd, the rooms have those awesome diagonal ceilings and lots of windows. It has a lot of character and I'm really excited to share some of my life in it! Ahh Relief. I couldn't imagine starting a semester of college still looking for somewhere to live!! And I know what you're thinking, she's going to love having a whole house to decorate ;)

Today is an absolute scorcher, being outside in the 100 degree weather is not my fave but that didn't stop us from heading to Cross Street Market in the city for some half off Sushi :) Me and the madre headed to a few thrift stores looking for good reads. And here I am back in the AC blogging and catching up on yours! Hope everyone else Monday is going great!

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